Patient Care Services L V Prasad Eye Institute

L V Prasad Eye Institute is a world-class, multi-specialty centre for comprehensive eye health and vision rehabilitation.

The Eye Hospital has the expertise and infrastructure to support complex and technologically advanced ophthalmic diagnosis and surgical and medical interventions. Medical care is supported by sophisticated in-house laboratory facilities that make it possible to handle the complete range of eye care needs, from routine cataract to complex retinal and oculoplasty services. Facilities include specially designed services for vulnerable age groups such as children and the elderly. Care is provided free of cost to those who are unable to pay.

The Vision Rehabilitation Centres help those with incurable vision loss to manage independently without the constant need for help from others. The centres provides customized rehabilitation programs specific to the needs of each individual. The process of rehabilitation includes training, orientation, and counseling, with an integrated program in view of the individual's context, needs, aspirations, and his/her available support systems. Read More